Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Hall and Union Terminal is Not The Expendables 4

(LIONSGATE and Nu Image Films)
 Last night, I treated myself to the movie, "Expendables 3". Without elaborating too much, if you read my last post, you'll understand what I mean when I say that it occurred to me during my viewing that I have a new assignment for these guys. But before appearing to act hastily, and with all kidding aside, let's look at five photos below, reminiscent of the Rod Stewart hit song, "Every Picture Tells a Story".
Before we begin, I'd like to thank The Cincinnati Museum Center for allowing me use of the following photos. Check out their amazing website by Clicking HERE for more information!
 (Photo--Philip Grosh)
I believe this is the East Entrance of Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati. It's where my high school graduation commencement was held, where a girlfriend once made me take her to see Barry Manilow in concert, and where I've personally attended performances by such diverse artists as Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot, and poignantly--a young lady that I personally interviewed on my radio show--the amazing symphony conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson. It was here that she conducted Michael Hersch's "Ashes of Memory". The orchestral work originally enjoyed its U.S. premiere by The Pittsburgh Symphony under Mariss Jansons It was amazing, and for those of you who may not be familiar with Music Hall, know this: it is one of the few acoustically perfect concert venues in America. Built in 1878, Hamilton County Commissioner's Chris Monzel and Gary Hartmann have struck it off the November referendum in Hamilton County, Ohio. The 14-year .25 cent icon sales tax would have provided funds for comprehensive building repairs to both Cincinnati Music Hall and  Union Terminal. As of this writing, Hamilton County residents have had their votes taken away by an August 7th action, led by Hamilton County Commissioners Greg Hartmann and Chris Monzel to deliberately avoid funding Music Hall and underfunding Union Terminal. This makes no sense. I urge the Hamilton County Commissioners, again, to affect a mid-course correction in this matter by allowing voters in Hamilton County to decide on the plan set forth by The Cultural Facilities Task Force. 
 (Photo--The Cincinnati Opera) 
A packed house for the Cincinnati Opera's Opening Night of "Carmen".
(Photo--Phil Didion) 
If this photo doesn't move your heart and speak a thousand words, I honestly don't know what will. This little girl is part of our future. It is for her and successive generations that we must properly fund permanent and comprehensive repairs for Cincinnati Union Terminal and Music Hall, under the proposal set forth by The Cultural Facilities Task Force. Hamilton County residents: It's now up to you to speak up and explore with Mayor Cranley and the Cultural Facilities Task Force a sensible and realistic redress to the destructive Hamilton County Commissioners vote of August 7th. You ARE Hamilton County. Let your voices be heard!
 (Photo--Mike Howard)
The original clock in the center lobby of Cincinnati Union Terminal. If anyone reading this online post visits the Terminal  in person (and many of you will) please email me with your impressions via my Contact Page at This is a magnificent landmark. I suggest taking a couple of days to explore it thoroughly. You'll be amazed!
 (Photo--Library of Congress)
This Black and White photo reminds me of the extinguishment of all Hope. I can assure my readers that Cincinnatians will NOT allow the light of Hope to be blown out by misguided policies that make no sense. Union Terminal is the "Crown Jewel" of a great city! The building has been repurposed and is a going concern.  Inside you can visit:
  • Cincinnati History Museum
  • Museum of Natural History & Science
  • Robert D. Lindner Family Omnimax Theater, a 5-story domed movie house
  • Cincinnati Historical Society Library
  • Duke Energy Children's Museum
  • Cincinnati Historical Society Library
  • The Cincinnati Railroad Club
Before you visit: Call (513) 287-7000 for Hours
Where: 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203
(Photo--Black Wolff)
Support Union Terminal


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love learning more about this!

Michael Manning said...

It's a cut and dry issue for me. Lisa. No city can have iconic landmarks for the next generation to benefit from without adequate funding.

Stephen Hayes said...

Great pictures. How is it that EVERYONE can't agree that this masterpiece needs to be saved?

Michael Manning said...

Stephen: I have used my website to increase public awareness, but also to request that the County Commissioners return to the table to dialogue with members of The Cultural Facilities Task Force, who are still willing to work with the Commissioners in a constructive fashion.

Margie said...

You heart is in this and it shows ..

Michael Manning said...

Margie: Thank you, and I'll update as needed. I'm hoping for a positive outcome.

Sandy Carlson said...

We all have different bottom lines--and different hearts.

Michael Manning said...

Well said about this admittedly lengthy series, Sandy. I've "rested my case". One can only hope that the endangered architectural buildings of cultural significance throughout the U.S. will all be saved, restored and maintained.